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Self-development is one of the major strategies for business growth. Whatever business venture you launch cannot grow beyond your level of knowledge and exposure as a business owner. We see and perceive most things the way we are. Most of the business struggles we go through stem from knowledge gaps. You cannot apply what you don’t know, you can’t solve a problem at the level you are at now. You have to close the knowledge gap to solve the issues you are facing right now and it only comes with the determination to learn something new on a daily basis.

I remember when my business was still in its early stages. I had very poor financial management skills. I did not know how to track my expenses and manage my financial resources. I had no financial records. I had a very poor financial structure. It was a big struggle for me and this deterred the growth of my business. I could not effectively capture my income and expenditure. I had no financial budget or goals. Until I took the step to go for some training to upgrade my financial knowledge and management skills, I was unable to see many changes or significant growth in my business. Knowledge is power they say, but I would say it is only knowledge acquired and applied that brings growth and liberation.

Self-development comes in various forms, it could be through reading relevant books in the area you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills, it could be through networking with other business owners or mentors, it could be through enrolment into different training programs both off and online and it could be through skill upgrade. Whichever way you choose to go, just make sure you are learning something new on daily basis. Always remember your business venture cannot grow beyond your level of knowledge.

Self-development is about what you do to improve yourself. You know your areas of weakness as a business owner, seek knowledge in that direction. The business landscape is changing on daily basis, so the best way for you and your brand to stay relevant is for you to keep reinventing yourself. You are the lifeline of the business! New ideas flow from an expanded mind. The ability to note gaps in the market and position yourself and your brand comes from constant exposure to opportunities for growth. Self-development positions you and your brand in the market. It makes you one of the focal points in your sector and industry. You become a voice that is relevant because you are getting results.

It’s time to prioritize your personal growth so you can influence your brand positively. It’s time to read those books, register and take those training, network with the right people and get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t develop yourself you become obsolete with time and you eventually become irrelevant.

Self-development is unnegotiable! It’s a major route to growth! Take a significant step towards your personal growth!

See you at the top.

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